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Spiritual Politics LAB

Research to innovate Trainings

Trainings to innovate Research

The Spiritual Politics Lab is the Research and Innovation branch of the School of Conscious Politics and serves as a Center for Personal and Political Growth.


It is a learning space where changemakers are supported to: 


  1. Resignify their relationship with politics and the political world. 

  2. Embark on learning journeys to actualize their spiritual and political potential, coming home to an essentially virtuous place of belonging where politics is seen as a space for love, hope and evolution. 

  3. Unleash sacred activism and promote social healing experiences in the communities and local contexts they inhabit. 

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Our Story

The Spiritual Politics Lab was founded in 2021 in the symbolic and meaningful city of The Hague - the political capital of the Netherlands, a global hub of justice and peace within the UN circuit, and an international magnet of idealists and peacebuilders.

The main goal of the SP Lab is to keep refining the Spiritual Politics educational curricula. The innovative learning developments aim to address 3 inter-related  components of political leadership education:

1) a holistic approach (mind, heart, hands, spirit, and community)

2) a truly inclusive perspective (realizing being human involves being political) and

3) being grounded in practical social evolution (tackling societal challenges), each of which are lacking in existing models and content.

Overall, these educational developments will support individuals recover trust in politics and the political world, reestablishing a personal connection to politics, and promoting social healing experiences.


The main target audience of the SP curricula range from university students to young professionals, and it also serves non-profits, government institutions, and companies. 

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Our Partners & Allies

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